Let’s CHAT

We’ll have a free 15 minute phone conversation to go over your goals, dreams and, desires.

Welcome Package

You’ll receive a welcome letter, your proposal, and next steps.

Space Evaluation

A thorough walk-through of the home or office is conducted. After a careful assessment, I’ll guide you on how to make adjustments to increase the balance & improve the energy flow.

Hands-on Modifications

Whenever possible we get “hands-on” to start making Feng Shui adjustments on the spot. This might looks like rearranging furniture or creating remedies for negative energy spots. Feng Shui “cures” may be implemented to improve the energy dynamics of the space. These suggestions may range from repositioning furniture to adjusting color schemes or using intentionally placed objects to improve the flow of energy in the space.

Consultation Conclusion

At the end of our session you will have sketches and notes about the Feng Shui adjustments I’ve recommended including furniture arrangement, room flow, color choices, art selection, and more!

Follow-up Call

We’ll schedule a phone call so I can continue to guide you on your Feng Shui journey. I’m here to serve you and will make myself available to answer any questions you may have after I leave your home.